What is CCi?



CCI is an international company blockchain + Internet matters asset management matters. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, in 2013, the company registered in Italy as Top AI AI International Digital Product Development Assets, Internet of Things Products Products. Trading signals system has the advantage of leading digital card in the world.

The launch of the system was carried out in March 2018. In April 2018 in Milan, Italy for global customers to promote internal, global customers at the same time seize the opportunity!

CCI uses an investment model and Internet training to absorb big data expertise, global fans. Hematopoiesis function is strong, attack and defense combined with solid cloud.


A. the only digital currency arbitrage exactly 24 hours, profit from trading signals click here digital assets, mine construction, digital money ATM machine, currency exchange, an online currency in the ecological chain loop region.

B. Global Internet Things Things, Internet of Things Global Coalition Auction, Internet of Things Entertainment City, Internet of Things-Block Chain-Intelligent Educational Trading System


Gordan Peter (Gordan-Peter) is a digital asset and Internet in matters of industrial innovation genius, Ten years ago began researching and updating the signal gain trading assets AI digital, is the star of Innovation System Digital Asset Europe, recognized as trade digital assets sniper arbitrage, there is no trading success rates in the industry.

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