• To continuously implement new and innovative platforms to enhance financial trading
  • Continuous and Relentless R&D to stay ahead in the fast growing financial world
  • To service our clients with integrity and loyalty
  • Committed to our business model
  • Pursue ideologies for the improvements with greater benefits to CCi and clients


  • To be among the leaders in financial markets
  • Provide educational materials to enhance the knowledge in financial trading
  • Set-up of CCi Financial Exchange to widen CCi trading parameters
  • Strategizing new marketing strategies


Based on Long-Term Objectives
Sustainability an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at CCi International.

Strategic Plan: Value and Resilience

Following the successful completion of our 'Ai Arbitrage System' synchronized with our Intellectual Property Interface, we are ready to exploit and strategize markets in the South East Asian regions. To sustain and set a long-term objective to these new markets we will build-up the confidence by educating clients the importance of high tech essential tools such as 'Ai Arbitrage System' to further enrich their economy. ​

To meet the value-creation objectives of our Strategic Plan, CCi International will expand its marketing team, and at the same time intensify and increase our R&D.

We work daily to confront the technology challenges of today and the future. We are committed to the never-ending R&D and applying innovative technologies for all of our projects. At CCi International we believe in innovation as the key to building a more efficient and sustainable model. The CCi Technology Center is where we develop innovative ideas that will change our future.


Since 2013