Why Big Data Analytics is Important?


Big Data is a new technology in the world of information technology which enables processing, storage and analysis of data in various forms / formats, the large and rapid increase in data. Processing and analysis of very large amounts of data takes a relatively much shorter using Big Data technology than the previous data, for example. relational database such as MySQL.

The characteristics of the data handled by Big Data:

  1. The amount is very large (volume). Usually the size of the total data in terabytes or more.
  2. The growth of data very quickly (Velocity) until data is increased in number very much in a relatively short period of time.
  3. Form or format the data multifarious (Variety). Here can be format data in the tables of relational databases such as MySQL, ordinary text file, Excel file or any form.

The benefits that can be provided from Big Data, among others, could provide a more complete picture than before because usually the analyzed data is unstructured data such as relational databases.

Example scenarios where Big Data is used for example is the use of social media, twitter, facebook etc. combined with data from the company’s own data such as sales or customer data from existing relational database. Thus the analysis can be obtained to perform accurate marketing strategy. For example, by analyzing those influential in social media to market their products.

Data, in the world of business and technology today, it is very necessary. Technology and growing Big Data initiatives to analyze this data to gain insights that can help in making strategic decisions. This concept was developed in the early 21st century, and each technology giant now use Big Data technologies. Big Data refers to a broad set of data and large may be structured or unstructured. The large amount of data generated every day by businesses and consumers. Big Data Analytics is checking process large data sets to give outlines and patterns. Completed analytical data in itself is very broad.

Field of Big Data and Big Data Analytics to grow from day to day. Let’s look at the trend of Big Data in 2018.

The importance of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is indeed a revolution in the field of Information Technology. The use of data analysis by the companies has been increasing every year. The company’s main focus is on the customer. Thus, the field has grown in the Business to Consumer (B2C). We divide the analysis into different types according to the environment. We have a three-part analysis of Big Data: Analytical Monitoring, Analytical forecasts, descriptive and analytical. This field offers great potential, and in this blog, we will discuss four perspectives to explain why big data analytics is so important today?

  • Data Science Perspective
  • Business Perspective
  • Functional Perspective Real Time
  • Job Market Perspective

Analysis of Data and Big Data Science

The analysis involves the use of advanced techniques and analytic tools on the data obtained from different sources in different sizes. Big Data has the characteristics of variety, quantity, and high velocity. The data set came from a wide range of online, web, audio and video devices, social media, log and many other sources.

Big Data Analytics involves the use of analytical techniques such as machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and statistics. Data is extracted, prepared and blended to provide analysis for business. Companies large and multinational organizations use this technique extensively on these days in different ways.

Data Scientist click here responsible for dealing with Big Data in the business. Let’s explore the tools and technologies that Increase Productivity Data Sciences.

Data analysis techniques involving qualitative and quantitative techniques to increase the productivity and profitability of the business. Data analytic tools used by researchers, analysts, and engineers for business organizations to access data efficiently.

There is a special analysis tool that uses this technique to analyze data sources to get a new outlook. Data real-time data typically produced on a large scale. This data is unstructured, and tools to help capture this data and stores it for analysis. Therefore, the data analysis and highly advanced big business.

This tool can be of two types: storage and analysis of Big Data analytic tools. Among the data analysis tools including Apache Hadoop, Hive, Storm, Cassandra, Mongo DB and more.

Business and Big Data Analytics

Tools and techniques of Big Data analytics are increasing due to the use of Big Data in the business. Organizations can seek new opportunities and to gain new insights to run their business efficiently. It helps in providing meaningful information to make better business decisions.

Companies can improve their strategy by considering customer focus. Analysis of the data helps operations to become more efficient. This helps in improving the company’s profitability.

Analytical tools such as Hadoop big data helps in reducing the cost of storage. This increase business efficiency. With the latest analytical tools, data analysis becomes easier and faster. This, in turn, lead to faster decisions to save time and energy.

Want to expand your knowledge about Big Data? Big List of 2018 Best Data will help you to find the best of Big Data.

Benefits Today’s Big Data Analytics

There is a huge growth in the field of analytical technology with the benefits of Big Data. This has led to the use of the data in a variety of industries ranging from

  • Banking
  • Health care
  • Power
  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Manufacture
  • Blockchain

There are many other industries that use large data analysis. Banking viewed as a field that makes maximum use of Big Data Analytics.

The education sector also uses data analysis on a large scale. There are new options for research and analysis using analytical data. Data can be used for institutional innovation by technical devices are available today. Due to the huge opportunity, data analysis has become an attractive option for students to learn as well.

Feedback provided by big data analytics tool helps in knowing the needs of customers better. It helps in developing new and better products. Products and services are improved with new insights can help the firm are very large. This can help customers as they get better deals that satisfy their needs effectively.

Overall, analysis of the data has become an integral part of companies today.

In conclusion

The importance of the data analysis led to intense competition and increased demand for big data professional. Science and Data Analysis is a growing field with great potential. Data analysis helps in analyzing the business value chain and gain insights. Use analytics to enhance the knowledge industry analysts. Expert analysis of the data provides an opportunity for organizations to learn about business opportunities.

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